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Jiffy Lube Live | Bristow, Virginia

If you're looking for a show that'll take you back to the good ol' days of jamming to "She Looks So Perfect", "Amnesia", "Don't Stop", "Youngblood", and many more pop-rock hits over the last decade, 5SOS is gearing up to kickstart The 5 Seconds of Summer Show, serving the band's defining hits and masterpieces covering 5 different eras. The extensive tour will visit major cities across North America, including a special stop at Jiffy Lube Live on Friday, 18th of August 2023. Serving big doses of nostalgia and the band's new material off of "5SOS5", The 5 Seconds of Summer Show won't disappoint at all, selling out and gaining critical acclaim from fans after its tenth-anniversary run in 2021. Alongside a new tour, 5SOS is also releasing a new live album – The Feeling of Falling Upwards – Live from The Royal Albert Hall, out on April 14th.

5 Seconds of Summer at Jiffy Lube Live

With over ten years of fueling a passion for pop-rock masterpieces, 5 Seconds of Summer is set to throw endless parties at The 5 Seconds of Summer Show this summer on a new tour. With its first run celebrating the band's tenth anniversary, 5SOS is taking the tour for a new spin following the release of its new album "5SOS5" and a new live record – The Feeling of Falling Upwards – Live from The Royal Albert Hall.

Its new live record was staged at the iconic UK venue featuring a 12-piece string orchestra and a 12-member gospel choir, serving a unique take on the band's biggest hits including "Youngblood", "Take My Hand", and "Me Myself & I". The special performance came right after the band released its rockin' new album "5S0S5" – acclaimed for its nostalgic hints as an ode to their early releases, and major servings of the band's growth and maturity through its lyricism and experimentation with new sounds.

"The Feeling of Falling Upwards’ is simply supposed to describe to you the feeling that we have experienced together, the feeling of taking a leap of faith on such a fickle thing like music," Ashton Irwin shared live on stage. As the album summarizes who the band was, is, and where they're heading, the same can be expected from The 5 Seconds of Summer Show as they bring doses of nostalgia and new masterpieces to the live stage. You can watch out for live performances of staple concert favorites including "Amnesia" from their self-titled debut LP, "Jet Black Heart" from "Sounds Good, Feels Good", "Teeth" from "CALM", "Ghost of You" from "Youngblood", and "Take My Hand" from "5SOS5".

As "5SOS5" bagged critical acclaim from fans and critics alike, the album hit #2 on the US Billboard 200, featuring new singles "Take My Hand", "Complete Mess", "Blender", "Me Myself & I", and "Older".

"In many ways, this album feels like the first one to me," shared Luke Hemmings in an interview with NME. "…this time around, we had this freedom and sense of feeling carefree, in a way that we didn’t really have the last time around. I think that really shines through in the lyrics: everything has changed, and nothing has changed for us. It was nice to feel as though we’re able to do all of this on our own."

With newfound growth, liberty, and creativity as the band takes its own path, having come a long way since their massive breakthrough with "She Looks So Perfect", 5SOS will definitely serve doses of amazing energy at their upcoming tour trek.

"We’ve changed a lot over the years, and the way we created music needed to change with that as well," Michael Clifford shared with NME. "This has been the only album where we haven’t premeditated a creation start day… we just booked a trip, and decided to hang out and see what happens".

Celebrating five amazing eras of pop-rock magic on the live stage, make sure to save your spots at The 5 Seconds of Summer Show at Jiffy Lube Live by booking your tickets now!

5 Seconds of Summer at Jiffy Lube Live

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