Jiffy Lube Live Parking

Parking information shown here may be subject to change. For latest parking information, please view Live Nation listing here.

The parking lot can be located adjacent to the the Jiffy Lube Live. With only a short walk for patrons to the entrance of the venue. Parking fees are included into the cost of your tickets. We strongly recommend that you arrive as early as possible to ensure a lot for the duration of your stay.

Jiffy Lube Live parking is divided into several lots adjacent to the arena. For standard Jiffy Lube Live parking, the charge is included in the cost of your ticket. However, if you select Jiffy Lube Live parking upgrades like Premier parking, these are separate purchase items and will be delivered separately from your concert tickets. You’ll have up to 10 days before the event to book parking online, which is when the specially marked hang tags are sent out.

Jiffy Lube Live Special Parking Options

Premier Parking

If you’re coming from some distance, or worried that you might get held up in traffic, you can opt to pay extra for Jiffy Lube Live Premier Parking. You can get this optional upgrade online, and your space will be held until show time, regardless of when you arrive. If there’s space available after online sales have concluded, you can also choose Jiffy Lube Live Premier Parking, when you arrive at the amphitheater.

VIP Parking

For the best experience at this venue, you might want to choose Jiffy Lube Live VIP Parking, which is in a paved lot behind the stage. You’ll use a special entrance that gives you a very easy in and out from the venue, and is closer to the stage than the main entrance.

Early Parking

Choose Jiffy Lube Live Early Parking if you want to avoid traffic, and be at the arena early enough to tailgate before your concert. Early Parking is located separately in Parking Lot E and opens for a period of two hours before standard parking.

Oversize Parking

Drivers of RVs, limousines and buses will need to get a Jiffy Lube Live Oversize Parking pass. You’ll see that there are special areas set aside for Jiffy Lube Live Oversize Parking and your group organizer should choose this option when booking.

Jiffy Lube Live Parking Directions

The amphitheater is on Cellar Door Drive, a turning off of Wellington Road, in Bristow, VA. It’s just south of the junction between Interstate 66 and Lee Highway, which is State Route 29. Head for the main entrance for standard parking.

Premier Parking is situated in front of the amphitheater next to the general parking, and is on gravel. It’s very close to the entrance, and offers an easy-in, easy-out access to the arena.

VIP Parking ticket holders will enter the arena from Wellington Road, and follow the signs round to the right on entering the parking lot area.

Parking Lot E is reserved for Early Parking and is only open for the 2 hours prior to the general parking hours.

Accessible parking is offered near the amphitheater entrance.

For oversized vehicles, if you’re coming in a limo, you should enter by the amphitheater’s Cellar Door Drive entrance. If you’re coming in an RV or a bus, you should enter by the amphitheater’s Dave Williams Way entrance.

Jiffy Lube Live Parking Recommendations

The Jiffy Lube Live parking lots can get very crowded, so it’s advisable to get there early. There’s a dedicated parking lot for rideshares, or you might opt to use the Uber drop-off/pick-up service. To be assured of your spot, you can upgrade your ticket for one of the special parking options. Remember, you’ll need to do this well ahead of time as there’s a 10 day cut-off for hang tags to be dispatched.

If you miss the 10-day deadline, any remaining spaces will be limited and you can’t be assured of availability on arrival. If any Premier parking spots are left, you’ll have to pay in cash on entering the lot, when you’ll be directed to a space close to the front gate.

Parking Rules

Please be aware of your parking location, there will be possible queues in parking rows.

Parking is first come, first serve.

Please occupy one space per vehicle.

There are parking lot ambassadors patrolling the lots, they will provide information on show times, doors times, or any other inquiries you may have. They will visible wearing bright green uniforms.

Barbeque grills are permitted, please ensure you dispose of the coals in the coal container provided.

No tents or canopies will be allowed in order to keep the drive aisles clear for traffic flow and emergency vehicles.

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