Rush Clockwork and Angels Tour at Jiffy Lube Live

Rush Clockwork and Angels Tour Tickets

Jiffy Lube Live | Bristow, Virginia

It’s a high time to go on a RUSH!  Yes, Rush is currently on the road moving from state to state to bring excitement to their fans eagerly anticipating this year’s tour.  And now they’re bound for Bristow, VA for a one-night only show at The Jiffy Lube Live September 9, 2012, Sunday at 7:30 pm.


Rush at the Jiffy Lube Live

Everytime they hit the stage, Rush can induce an andrenalin rush with their musicianship and eclectic repertoire.  They were formed way back in 1968, yet their sound remains relevant to this day.  Their music has undergone stages of evolution.  They started out as a blues-inspired heavy metal band which was evident in their self-titled debut album released in 1974.  And through the years, they put in a lot of weight and layers to their music by incorporating irregular and multiple time signatures combined with fantasy/science fiction-inspired lyrics.  In the 80s, they integrated heavy use of synthesizers and electronic percussion, which emanated from the New Wave movement, and also combined it with reggae and pop rock.  When the 90s came along, they adopted the alternative modern rock style, yet keeping their signature complex and heavy production elements.

Rush holds a key position in the rock music heirarchy.  They place third behind The Beatles and The Rolling Stones for the most consecutive gold or platinum studio albums by a rock band.  Rush is estimated to have sold over 40 million albums.  But Rush keeps it going.  They recently released their 20th studio album “Clockwork Angels”, which is the focal point of their current concert tour.



Beat the Rush!  Get your tickets early!  You’ve been warned, taking your sweet time won’t do you any good. Rush out now and get the best seats in the house.

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